Raspberry PI Doorbell

Doorbell based on Raspberry PI, design in Node-Red.

1 – Smartphone /Tablet
2 – Raspberry PI Zero with Node-Red installed
3 – Soundcard WM8960 Waveshare
4 – Speaker
5 – Relay for opening the door lock 4-Channel Relay Board for Pi Zero
6 (optional) – Camera

The doorbell uses a WM8960 sound card with integrated microphones, speaker connectors, and a button that can be used as a call button.
Of the 4 relay channels, only one is used, but others can be used, for example, to turn on the light, you can also open the door lock through, for example, ESP8266 in a bundle Node-Red -> HTTP or Node-Red -> MQTT.
To communicate with the camera, this example uses RPi-Cam-Web-Interface .