ESP 8266 L293D motor control

ESP8266 (ESP12E with Motor Shield uses the L293D double H-bridge) based motor control (for automatic feeders, pumps, fans), Arduino design.

1 – Smartphone /tablet
2 – Motor Shield
3 – ESP8266 (NodeMCU ESP12E)
5 – Resistor (3 Ohm)
6 – Motor (5 – 24V)

The engine turns on and off according to a set schedule. Motor operation is monitored based on current measurements in the circuit.
The Motor Shield with the L293D basically allows you to connect two motors, but the ESP8266 has only one analog input (for current measurement) and therefore we can connect only one motor.
Errors (breakage, overload, idling) alerts by Telegram.
Configuration (schedule, values of breakage-, overload-, idling- currents, telegram token, etc.) via the browser.
A smartphone/tablet can also be used as a router.
The values of breakage, overload, and idle currents for motors /pumps are determined experimentally.